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Full Version: My Waypoints to NS
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If you need waypoints to this maps, download my zip:

ns_2fortsb8 (Have some problems in the water) sad.gif

QUOTE (JPiolho @ May 10 2004, 05:56 PM)
ns_2fortsb8 (Have some problems in the water) sad.gif

I to have noticed that with rcbot. Rcbot + Water = Drowning rcbot laugh.gif

If it's at all possable, try to waypoint around the water or if you have no other choice but to put waypoints in the water then I would recommend getting hpb_bots stripper2 mod and start adding scuba tanks in the water tongue.gif laugh.gif
ph34r.gif Gimmee air... LOL
I haven't noticed many problems with bots swimming (at least in SvenCoop, they seem to do pretty well there). Don't know about NS, not many maps with water
ns_bast, directly under the feedwater hive. There is a passage that runs all the way to a coridor just outside refinery hive and it's completely submerged. I tried waypointing it once but all the bots (marine and alien alike) drowned dry.gif laugh.gif
Sgt. Hardcore
QUOTE (Cheeseh @ May 11 2004, 01:01 PM)
I haven't noticed many problems with bots swimming (at least in SvenCoop, they seem to do pretty well there).

They swim pretty well in Sven Coop but they have problems swimming in SvenCoop RPG map.
lol, rcbot gorges r annoying in the water, ns_2base (one of my waypointed maps), i saw 2 towers of oc's and 2 dc's (1 in each tower), these towers were made underwater! But no matter wat i do, they end up in the water. (the clash zone for the aliens and marines has a bridge in the middle over water). The fades try to run and attack the rines over the other side!!! and drown lol

but its not just the aliens, although i am sure that whichbot did it to

but the map i am talking about is tongue.gif once ur int he water, no way out without, a lerk,fade,skulk, or death, jp'er or a phase gate on one of the res node islands in the water.
My ns_rampage waypoints, all map!
And here is my version of that same map.
You have to Whichbot?
Did you meen: You have it for whichbot to? I believe so, you want it?
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