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Full Version: Waypointing Ladders & Wall Stick waypoints
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Ladder waypoints
  • You need to make a ladder waypoint on the ground whilst hanging onto the ladder. this makes a ladder waypoint.
  • You need to go to the top of the ladder and move in a bit so you are standing on the ground at the top of the ladder. IF there is no ground there then use no-clip (rcbot util noclip_mode) and move into the wall slightly and make a waypoint there
  • Give the last waypoint the ladder flag by using the waypoint menu
  • Connect the two ladder waypoints together using pathwaypoint create commands
  • go back to the waypoint at the bottom of the ladder and make another normal waypoint near to the ladder waypoint so that the path leading to the ladder waypoint faces the ladder, it has to be quite near so that the bots know to jump at this point onto the ladder
  • for best results, remove all paths to the ladder waypoint at the bottom of the ladder (using the waypoint menu) make sure the only waypoint that has a path to the bottom ladder waypoint is the las twaypoint you added so that the bots walk onto the ladder in the right direction
  • The ladder waypoint at the bottom should have a blue streak facing the above ladder waypoint. If there is none then you need to make the top waypoint a ladder waypoint and make sure there is a path to it from the bottom. If it is facing the wrong way then it is connected to the wrong ladder waypoint.
  • You want the blue streak to touch the ladder or at least be very close to it!
Wall stick
  • Similar to the ladder waypoints except...
  • The waypoint at the bottom should not be a wall-stick waypoint
  • The waypoints at the top should be given wall-stick type using the waypoint menu
k wink.gif now time to fix that ladder in co_angst wink.gif
-Removes rant and tries the above. rolleyes.gif
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