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Full Version: Un-waypointable maps
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This topic will cover ALL maps waypointers have deemed un-waypointable for both rcbot and whichbot because of the level of difficulty involved. Please don't ask why they can't be done. The answer is quite simple. If a vanilla marine can not make it from marine start to any of the hives without jetpack, welder or use of buttons to open doors or work a lift or bridge then the map is not playable for bots and is there-for not waypointable.

I request ALL waypointers to post any maps they have come accross that fits this catagory. I will start the list.

  • ns_stargate
  • ns_stargate-xt9
  • ns_trust
  • co_supermario
  • co_phenix
  • co_prime
  • co_freefall_b2b
Is unusable due to the Doors in the marine start. For some reason, when either Whichbot or RcBot are used they remain LOCKED and refuse to open.
I had waypointed the whole map for both bots and at 'playtest time'...

I have e-mailed the author with no response to date, so the map joins the un-waypointable maps group.
Awww I love ns_startgate. sad.gif
ns_stargate_sg1_beta1 and beta2 are waypointable. I already did beta1 and they do fairly well on it.
where do you download ns_stargate_sg1_beta1 and/or beta 2?
There's some british site or or something like that that I got my customs from.. like 200ish maps on there.. google it, you'll find it easily.. tongue.gif
QUOTE (Jeffrccar @ Jun 24 2005, 08:38 PM)
where do you download ns_stargate_sg1_beta1 and/or beta 2?

Are you refering to the map/s? You should be able to find them and many more at

Or are you looking for the waypoints? I have one here.
well... Both
Thank you
Thanks Sandy, in fact I have now got nearly 700 Maps on

Shame on you Skitchy for not visiting there... laugh.gif
I didn't know it was up and sexy yet.. the previous times I had been there, there was either like 4 files, or I just couldn't find where all the maps were...

Over 930 Files now available.

Err Hi everyone ::sheepish::
Ummmm.... I have working waypoints for co_prime and co_phenix and they also work... So what is the catch? We have made them by ourselves and I can upload them if they are needed...
Co_prime has doors that were a problem for the older bots along with hard to navigate hive area. Now, current rcbot can play it with the right waypointing skill.

co_phenix is not big enough for onos so it can and will cause problems for aliens but marines should be okay as long as the waypoints don't get to complex.
Oh..ok... The onoses use too much crouch on the way to the marine base. But they will get there but lets face it...crouching onos is not so scary smile.gif
Okay, here are my offerings of those waypoints.
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