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Full Version: waypoint reqeust
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ummm yeah, i was wondering if any body could waypoint the map ns_bloodgulch

you can find it at
or im pretty sure you can get it at the ns forums

it looks like a really fun map, that is if your bots dont walk around in circles for the whole game

so could somebody please waypoint this for me please
Maybe when the author decides to fix the map? It's crashing my NS and it's seriously choking my system down just to run it. And that's without the bots. rolleyes.gif I can just imagin what other players with systems lesser then mine would experiance with bots.

Just for the record, I was getting an adverage of near 45fps on the following system before it crashed doring evaluation.

Intel P4 3.2ghz prescott
Asus P4C800-E deluxe
1gb PC 3200 DDR
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128mb (cat 4.11)
WinXP home (sp2)

PS: I can't believe [LoDw]keef mentioned me in his credits. blink.gif
i hadnt noticed anything wrong with the map (maybe thats just because of my computer)

try getting an average of 5.6 fps with:
intel celeron 1.8
224 mb ddr
and a SiS 650 32mb graphics card

(freaking shit box)

anyhoo, dont bother if the map keeps crashing

PS: i hate my computer
I went to try it and ... indeed, it looks like it's not VISd or something. In rare cases the FPS dropped in the 40s, most of the time it was 90+ but still... On most maps I get a reported 200-400 fps... It didn't crash, but I got aggrivated at the pissy design of some of the stuff. Anyhow, since you guys put your specs on here, I will too!

AMD Athlon64 3200+ 754
1gb PC3200 Corsair DDR
ATi Radeon 9800XT
WinXP Pro SP2

And YES! My CPU stays at ~86F/30C(with a 78-80 degree room) under full load for hours! None of this p4 560 3.6 ghz overheating to 170F that it half clocks crap!
Ok, I sent keef an email. Maybe I can help him farther with his map.

Oh, nice choice on a mainboard there skitchy. I always liked using epox mainboards with amd's. And thrustmaster, that doesn't sound like a "bad" system but a better video card would be a wise upgrade.
4 fps sad.gif

AMD Duron 1000 mhz
Asus A7V8X-X
NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 64 MB
WinXP Pro SP2

CPU Temp = 50-70C sad.gif
Ok, ok. I talked to keef and he is going to try and fix his map.

oh geez, I've been meaning to fix bloodgultch for a long time, guess now
would be a good time to get it behind me, we'll ill get to work, maybe if i
stay focused i can finish it tonight.

My reply was simply: That's good news.
Hehe I'm glad you know the guy who made it, playing on the map, aside from the too-openness of it, it looked pretty cool... kind of marine-oriented, but still cool.
Ok, so after 2 says of keef messing with it, he decided not to finish fixing it. Instead, he willingly passed on the source file to me in hopes I can wave my magic wand at it and get it right.

Well, this could take some time because it does have a hugh number of problems. One of which is it's just to big. It's using 98% of the entire HL mapping grid! I just wonder what he was thinking when he made this. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, fixing it may meen seriously going at this thing with the axe and chopping it down to size. tongue.gif
Well.. VIS'ing it will take forever with that open area... It used to take over 24 hours to VIS my maps for the coming on occasion... (lots of outdoor areas that HL doesn't like.. which is why we were considering migrating all the work over to the Torque engine) Soooo you may need to enclose either side in a bigass room, and have the open area showing the space ship in the center..... hmm. I'm dizzy.
Well, just so your aware of what there is to deal with, I will attach a picture of this map from worldcraft 3.3. In what way can I partition this mess?

By the way, any of you future mappers out there, this is a prime example of an absolute NO NO!
you can use one online compiler to compile:

why you are using Worldcraft 3.3 and not Valve Hammer Editor 3.5?
Hehe, snip that entire top box... biggrin.gif
QUOTE (link2002 @ Jan 23 2005, 11:37 AM)
you can use one online compiler to compile:

why you are using Worldcraft 3.3 and not Valve Hammer Editor 3.5?

Ok, first of all, the link is not responding for me. You sure that's right?

Second, I have 4 years of configured prefabs and spite and model views into this version and don't want to have to import all that into a newer version when this one still works great. Becides, I have other front-end programs to handle my compiling needs and those are always upto date.
uh i tried the map and got 30-40 fps and it crashed when i bit 2 times as skulk... but i think i got a buggy install of ns

3.2 p4 prescott hyperthreading
1024mb DDR400 ram
GeForce FX 5700LE
Shuttle FB65 mobo, i865P chipset

and it would be great if it supported open areas, those are the best kind of maps, it looked really fun but aliens would probably get pistol sniped alot.
Sorry guys. It appears that there just is no way to "fix" this map without completely reconstructing it from scratch. I do although have the origenal source code for this map so if any talented mapper with some time to kill wishes to take on this task then please feel free to PM me. Otherwise, this maps status remains "un-waypointable".
dont you mean un-playable blink.gif
ns_bloodgultch is waypointed but it's very basic no ladders waypointed.
Warning Map Very Unstable!
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