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Looking to jump start Battlegrounds 1 and have some so so bots running on a few maps but could use some help fixing them up. Can anyone help me please? I believe the current waypoints are from a older version. Below is a link if you would like to download and install BG1 1.Of. Any problems let me know. Current server running Bots is called Battlefields Public

Battlegrounds 1.oF
Welcome 3DDEATH, sorry for ignoring your posts. Have you tried to fix the waypoints yourself? Is there some waypoint questions you have?

My waypointing projects is quite full right now, so I don't think I could waypoint it for you any time soon. Besides svencoop projects, I promised to do some dods wpts too. There are not many active waypointers here. Which bots & waypoints are you using, which maps? Do some maps/wpts work and some don't? Seems like I read a long time ago there was some bug with rcbot and the final version of battlegrounds, is there some buggy problem?

Got two maps they seem to run ok on Bg_battlefield and Bg_bunkerhill. Other maps don't seem to work and I have no knowledge how to do bots. Im just trying to jump start a cool mod that died because of Valve not letting all third party mods be seen on the Steam server browsers list.
I can't take on any more major waypointing projects now, but I could peek at the wpts I suppose, see if there is a quick fix. I'll need to get the mod, I'm on cell data for my internet access now, so I'll need to download it when i get to some wifi. It will likely be a week before I can download it.

Are the maps wide open, or is there a lot of indoor areas too? Are you using the stock wpts that came with rcbot, those were done for an older version of the mod, I believe...

Anyways, don't expect anything soon, but i'll at least try to see how broken the wpts are, in the next few weeks... No promises tho, I may be biting off more than I can chew... ohmy.gif Svencoop & DODs wpts is my priority right now...
Almost all maps are wide open. Im not sure if Im using the correct version of bots but like I said two maps bg_battlefield and bg_bunkerhill are playable. I have a server up and running I could give you admin once you install game if it would help. Anything I can do to help let me know and thanks alot for your help.
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