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Hi everyone!

It's been more than a year since I decided to build 3 Source game servers (along with other mp games) for the nostalgic shooter community, and since I was never a huge player during their successful prime time, I learned lots of stuff.

I also built some good old fashioned HLStats:CE, a project that unfortunately stopped development long ago with 1.6.19 version, as some of these authors started to go commercial, and I understand that.

So the pair -RCBot2 & Hlstats- has been working flawlessly, and even servers popularity is not great but not terrible either tongue.gif . Somehow, they are still online after covid tsunami.

RCbot community has been very friendly and extremely helpful during that time, so if I could give some back.

Even though I'm not a programmer, I managed to get the hellish hlstats working almost completely, except for the GeoIP thing, which still gives me headaches after the MaxMind change of policy in 2019. But there are other fixes that need extra focusing for average users, like the script for TS3 and the Steam IDs. A couple of great guys in Alliedmodders fixed this.

Still using php 5.6 for the stats website, because it's already difficult enough working with the original version that was made for. Well, probably started with php 4 but you get it, php 7 changed too many things and incompatibilies started to pop up like headcrabs.

So, going to the point---> If you are trying to build your stats for the same games I host (hl2 engine) and having troubles, I could give some help as having myself already faced quite a few obstacles. But don't ask me about solving the players geolocation, please!

RoboCop Maybe you should "Czech" this out.
Need to try again at some point, I put it off because it was getting too frustrating. There was a similar problem with the "connect announce" sm plugin, which was tied to new database format, GeoIP2 too. I appreciate the tip.

Also definitely need to roll up my sleeves on the waypoint learning quick, there are far too many awesome maps made for hl2 mp, and way too little .rcw files available. About just the original maps seem to have received a good treatment, made by "Eyes Of Justice" I think.
ATM I'm trying my luck with another fork of hlstatsx modified by Jared Ballou that includes NWI Source Games...this project was developed entirely by him a while ago, and the final version was not "really" available to the public. After contacting him, we already made some progress in that direction.
Here is the dev version, not useful as it is, in the current state:

jaredballou hlstatsx INS & DOI

There also seems to be at least one version modded to include Black Mesa, I'll investigate further. But unfortunately, these modders kind of prefer it to take their secret to the grave, I know by experience.

Who knows, maybe I'll be able to learn SQL after all... biggrin.gif
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