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Full Version: Minimap and Comm problems
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Hi, my install went perfectly for rcbot. I can put bots on either team and they kind of run around. However, if I get in the comm chair I can't build. (I'm installing it so I can get some comm practice). Also, I noticed if I join the marine side bots, I don't get a minimap when I press my minimap key (and I checked the's still there).

Do I have to do something special in order to comm my rcbots? I can get in the chair, but I can't build even a resource tower!

Daft as it sounds, it seems like the game isn't starting, 'cause that's exactly what you will experience! cool.gif

Watch whether all the alien AND marine bots enter the game from the ready room and whether you get the usal start game 'freeze'. You can have umpteen rines loaded and present on the map, but you wont be able to command until the game start with the prescence of alien bots as well unsure.gif
I don't think thats it, although here's more info.

I've been using "rcbot addbot 1", etc. to push 3 or 4 onto each team. While it's true that I haven't heard the standard "startgame beep beep beep" noise, we all are able to move around, and I can jump in the comm chair, make squads, give waypoints. If I get out and walk over to the aliens, they all bite me, but it doesn't do any damage to me. I haven't been successful in getting the bots to follow my waypoints all the way to the alien hive to see what happens to them.

Am I stuck in some kind of godmode? can god NOT use the commchair properly?

Thanks for the reply!
A little more info, I just tried a combat map. Loaded 6 bots into ready room, and they split up and chose sides. I went marine. I could then shoot my pistol, lmg, knife, and run to the alien side of the map. There I shot at aliens for NO damage. I then noticed that the Game Time was set at "0:00" and Time Left was "-0:01".

It was like the whole map was a ready room, except weapons were allowed, but did not cause damage.

Any ideas?
sv_cheats 1 ?

That'll cause problem... ph34r.gif
YEP!! That was it!! Thanks a bunch! biggrin.gif
You could also check to see if sv_tournamentmode was enabled. If it was then one player from BOTH teams must say "READY" for the match to begin. Not likely going to happen with bots.

sv_tournamentmode 0/1 < 0=disabled / 1=enabled >
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