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Full Version: Waypoints in the making
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I'll be working on some waypoints for battlegrounds.

Also could you edit the install mannual for a good steam installation example, because it took me along time to find out how to install it tongue.gif

I have referred people to get your bot because they ask for it.
And I've completed one map,

And I'll probably be doing more over time.

This waypointing method seems similar to DOD SturmBot waypointing.
It's harder than pb mm thats for sure tongue.gif

Maybe make a topic where you have binds already set for waypointers?
Hi Ancient! smile.gif Are you working on waypoints for the new Battle Grounds 1.0F? I've been hoping for waypoints for the new maps.
Yes, its for the 1.0F, It's the only one they are giving out tongue.gif

I've done two maps so far, hopefully I'll have them all soon.
I'm making waypoints just keep a look out at in the latest maps section for bg_ maps.

I'm doing atleast 1 a week now. I did 2 this week but I can't find the other waypoint :s
Man, sorry I haven't been on the RCBot forum. I was having a lot of computer trouble. But all is well now. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for new waypoints, at Ancient, I hope your still making waypoints, this will be great! smile.gif
I'm gonna be hosting a dedicated server with RCBOTS on it for BG:F. So I might release my extra waypoints for the new maps when I'm done, I've done 4 maps so far.
If you want to request a custom map go on the site

I'm almost finished with all the battle ground waypoints... if anyone is still interested, I'll be releasing a few waypoints every week on my website.
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