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RCBot 2 1.3 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2020-12-23,23:27:47


Released by [APG]RoboCop[CL] with thanks to Nosoop

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RCBot Angelscript for Svencoop 5 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2018-10-27,18:18:22


This is a WIP "conversion" of RCBot to Svencoop 5 (It's mostly a total rewrite with some copied code from RCBot 1 and 2) for Angelscript. AS it is WIP I'll be updating it regularly with bug fixes/new missing features etc, thought I'd put it up for some to test.

If you don't know what RCBot is, well its a bot, replacing player slots that act like players and shoots monsters etc..


just download all files (Download/Clone as zip) extract into the BotManager directory in scripts/plugins. (overwrite) The files will overwrite the current "Bot" scripts as it was based on the sample.

Bots can run around / shoot enemies, pick up ammo/health/weapons/armor, use health/HEV chargers, use teleports, take cover, press buttons (at objective points -- not tested), shoot breakables (not tested). (i.e. its a work in progress).
Bots CAN'T use ladders yet, or secondary fire, or use grapple etc yet or other fancy stuff.

BTW: for devs
Can't seem to hook TakeDamage() which would be quite useful!!!
Cant save waypoints due to angelscript limitation!

addbot Adds a new bot
waypoint_off Display waypoints off
waypoint_on Displays waypoints on
waypoint_add Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_delete Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_load Loads waypoints
waypoint_save Saves waypoints
pathwaypoint_create1 Adds a new path from
pathwaypoint_create2 Adds a new path to
waypoint_info print waypoint info
waypoint_givetype give waypoint type
waypoint_removetype remove waypoint type
debug debug messages toggle
godmode god mode
noclip noclip
all commands via as_command rcbot. e.g. "as_command rcbot.addbot"
Added a new forum


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Latest tf2 issues : Posted By Cheeseh at 2018-06-17,22:39:30


The latest tf2 lag bot prevention updates are causing rcbots to crash. To fix...

set this command


to something like 99999


sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond 99999

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HookInfo update EXE : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-11-05,18:38:52


I've made an EXE to automatically read the latest offsets online for RCBot2


Use the latest DLL here


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TF2 Nov 2016 Fix : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-11-04,20:24:40


The latest hookinfo.ini has been updated yet again for the November update


Also please put

rcbot_const_mstr_offset 856
rcbot_const_round_offset 856

in your config

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TF2 Oct 2016 Fix : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-10-29,18:22:21


I managed to get the bot to work with the latest TF2 and with custom loadouts working. (Oct 2016)

You might need this with the latest hookinfo attached.

Download here

Put Hookinfo.ini into rcbot2/config
Overwrite rcbot2meta.dll in tf/addons/

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New Tf2 Update fix : Posted By Cheeseh at 2015-12-20,00:05:27


replace rcbot2/config/hookinfo.ini contents with


add these to rcbot2/config/config.ini

rcbot_const_mstr_offset 852
rcbot_const_round_offset 852

Update your DLL to the latest build here: Download

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RCBot2 1.0 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2015-10-03,15:47:03


New update to RCBot 2 for the latest in Steam update nonsense.

PLEASE DELETE YOUR OLD RCBot2 DLL and VDF from each mod before install.

Metamod Source version now only supported. The latest version includes metamod and an installer to automatically install metamod source and RCBOT2 into your mods.

Download RCBot 1.0

You can now edit the path of where you have installed RCBot by writing it in the rcbot2.vdf which is now placed in the MOD/addons/metamod folder


"Metamod Plugin"
"alias" "RCBot2"
"file" "addons/rcbot2meta"
"rcbot2path" "[where you have installed RCBOT2]"

the rcbot2.vdf and the rcbot2path is created automatically by the installer from where you choose to install

Includes fixes for the following problems:

all: updated for latest Steam
all: comes with Installer and latest Metamod Source
all: weapons ini allows weapon customisation
all: hookinfo.ini allows end users to update hooks
all: fixed hookinfo.ini loading from beta version
all: added rcbot2path into rcbot metamod VDF
tf2: medics can heal enemy spies if they dont think they are the enemy
tf2: more support for new weapons
tf2: medic fixes and improvements
tf2: fixed engis not moving equipment after successful MVM wave
tf2: fixed some bugs related to sentry gun management
tf2: bots now using custom loadouts use rcbot_customloadouts 1
tf2: allow bots to use buff items
tf2: bots attempt to use drink and snipers use bow
tf2: added projectile prediction for cow mangler
tf2: fixed some weapons
tf2: fix crash with sniper

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RCBot2 0.96 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2015-02-06,15:42:55


includes new MVM waypoints by genmac :)

all: rcbot_supermode 1 allows bots to increase skill to aimbot like skill for a challenge (works mainly for tf2)
all: rcbot_addbottime changes the time bots are automatically added after each other
all: an addbot queue that allows multiple addbot commands without crashing or any bad effect
tf2: spies run away once they reach a lower amount of health (customised by cvar rcbot_spy_runaway_health)
tf2: spies now only cloak if they see an enemy and uncloak if they think no-one is looking at them
tf2: spies put more priority into attacking enemies who can't see them
tf2: improved spy sapping and engi sap removal, upgrading and building
tf2: crash fix
tf2: more spy fixes
tf2: engineer teleport exit building improved
tf2: spies don't attack any players if there is an unsapped sentry in range
tf2: demomen stop piping when they get hurt
tf2: spies don't attack if they see an unsapped sentry around them


MvM video by Genmac :)

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Rcbot2 0.95 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2015-01-18,15:17:42


0.95 : full change list
DOD:S Fixed two crashes
DOD:S Upon seeing a friendly being killed snipers will try to find a good sniper point to attack other snipers or MGs
tf2: updated MVM waypoints + new Sd_doomsday_event waypoints
tf2: Lots of MVM improvements (mvm map must have flag waypoint near enemy bot spawn and capture point at defend point)
tf2: Fixed slow heavy guy when revving mini gun
tf2: updated default rcbot_runplayer_cmd_tf2 to 418
tf2: demomen who are piping stop when they get hurt
tf2: fix bug with bots standing in respawn in MVM
tf2: bots choose more defensive classes in MVM
tf2: bots stop hiding when they get ubered
tf2: bots are aware of nearby ally sentries that are shooting
tf2: spies and engineers try to avoid walking into their sentries by mistake
tf2: linux build fix
tf2: engineers dont change class so often if they have a 3rd level sentry
tf2: engineers dont move their sentry if it recently shot an enemy
tf2: bots have higher priority to shoot defending players on CP points
tf2: if there are no medics on a team there will be a higher chance for a bot to change class to medic
tf2: bots take cover from pipe grenade fix
tf2: snipers take cover from pipe grenades when sniping
tf2: engineers stop trying to upgrade a building if it is being moved
tf2: bots know they can go into other teams spawn when they win a round
tf2: pyros dont airblast grenades so close
tf2: players only go back to cap points that they own which are under attack
tf2: RD map fix
tf2: fixed medic healing bugsall: fixed some crashes due to rcbot commands
all: fixed some other possible crashes
all: fixed a melee weapon bug

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RCBot2 0.94 : Posted By cheeseh at 2014-10-08,15:59:59


tf2: updated and fixed some waypoints
tf2: bots will try to avoid sentries that killed them before when attacking point
tf2: new command rcbot_tf2_pyro_airblast_ammo
tf2: pyros airblast attackers of point
tf2: fixed demomen reverting to primary weapon at a distance
tf2: bots follow enemies if ubered
tf2: bots dont follow ubered enemies
tf2: pyros airblast ubered enemies
tf2: pyros airblast capping / defending players
tf2: bots will hang around route waypoints for more team mates
tf2: more chance of red defending first point if round has not yet started
tf2: fixed medic crash on cp_degrootkeep
tf2: included RD mode - bots attack robots
tf2: fixed bots going back to use teleporter bug
tf2: fixed engineers not placing carried objects bug
tf2: bots follow their enemy to the defend point if CP map
tf2: pyros occasionally deflect rockets
all: fixed bots not choosing correct weapon due to distance


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RCBot 0.92 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-09-25,03:14:07


Crash/bug fix

1) TF2: Fixed crashes and bugs on TF2 CP maps
2) TF2: Bots continuously want health if they are on fire

Download here

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Rcbot2 0.91 Update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-09-12,16:44:27


tf2: fixed crash with new version on loading
dod:s bots use route waypoints -- give route waypoint same ID as flag to go to that flag through back alley
dod:s bots listen to go left / go right voice commands if there are route waypoints nearbby
dod:s bots use enemy down voice command when in a squad
dod:s more chance of bots throwing a grenade when they hear the use grenade voice command
dod:s bots try ducking if they get stuck on furniture


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RCBot2 0.9 : Massive TF2 update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-06-25,11:36:24


The main change to TF2 is that scripts have now been removed and it automatically detects points

This makes previously unplayable maps (tc_hydro, cp_degrootkeep, cp_gravelpit) available for bots to play normally

Please update your TF2 waypoints to the new waypoints in the ZIP for it to work correctly.

tf2: bots check if they can see the ground beneath enemies to help aim for rockets and grenades
tf2: removed need for scripts in TF2 -- using TF2 point detection
tf2: bots can attack skeletons on plr_hightower_event
tf2: if capture point is unreachable bots will go to nearest defend points
tf2: updated sniper and sentry and exit building based on current attack or defend point on cp maps
tf2: bots can now high five
tf2: fixed bots attacking sentries from distance
tf2: sentry and sniper placement changes
tf2: added new medic dode
tf2: waypoint autofix 1 command fixes senty waypoints etc with no area on cp maps
tf2: fixed snipers getting stuck
tf2: snipers hide when enemies see them
tf2: spies don't deliberately lose their disguise unless they think enemy is targeting them
tf2: ubered bots don't change to shotgun or melee if they have explosive weapon ammo
tf2: fixed sentry waypoint selection
tf2: more chance of bots going to point when point under attack
tf2: less chance of bots trying to build sentries upon each other
tf2: medics try not to heal cloaked spies or disguised spies as other team
tf2: when points are updated automatically update bots attack or defend points
tf2: bots try to take cover from demo pipe grenades
tf2: fixed sentry avoidance
tf2: added payload avoidance
tf2: bots can now taunt when messing around if taunts are disabled
tf2: fixed sniper bug
tf2: new debug tools (memory scan and memory check)
tf2: fixed current waypoint being -1 if bot stuck in corner
tf2: fixed demomen detonating stickies at wrong CP when under attack
tf2: improved engineer picking up buildings quicker for moving
tf2: areaonly waypoint is activated when area is under attack
tf2: added new waypoint type "owneronly" - this waypoint can only be used by the owner of the point
tf2: fixed improved engineer building code
tf2: fixed piping and sentry attacking
tf2: improved return to defend code
tf2: bots improved aiming for melee attacks
tf2: quicker waypoint
tf2: if capture point can't be reached bots go to nearest defend point (e.g. cp_steel last cap)
tf2: more probability of defending/atacking points under attack
tf2: within 10 seconds of round end bots will push
tf2: fixed some possible crashes
tf2: fixed - bots go to the correct point under attack to defend
tf2: removed need for setup time in script
tf2: medics jump when the players they heal jump
tf2: fixed rocket launcher aiming
tf2: fixed sniper aiming if sniper can't see the ground of entity
tf2: more probability of bots choosing spy or demoman if killed by a sentry if rcbot_change_classes is enabled
tf2: fixed possible pipe waypoint was unreachable
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds if they have an enemy or were recently spawned
tf2: fixed rocket aiming
tf2: faster pipe waypoint searching
tf2: bots stop spy checking a team mate if they attack
tf2: fixed aiming when piping or spamming grens
tf2: medics don't heal if a player's already being healed by a medic
tf2: sniper improvements, taking cover after shooting
tf2: fixed bug when bots would forget getting the flag if enemy dropped the flag
tf2: if enemy drops flag bots stop returning to intel
tf2: fixed snipers walking while zoomed
tf2: fixed new sentry attacking task behaviour
tf2: medics don't hide from enemy if they are ubered
tf2: bots see spies if they are cloaked with no cloak meter left
tf2: fixed bots hearing cloaked bots moving and walking towards them cloaked
tf2: fixed bots looking back at their healing medic
tf2: improved bots choice of taking teleports or not
tf2: bots become less paranoid after they kill a spy
tf2: bots become paranoid when their sentry is sapped
tf2: fixed demoman pipe trap at flag standing location bug
tf2: improved demoman aiming with grenade launcher
tf2: engineers try to walk round their sentries (requires more waypoints)
tf2: engineers tend not to attack enemies if near their sentry so they can repair it instead
tf2: ubered players dont investigate sounds
tf2: fixed possible bug with ghost sentries
tf2: bots only build teleporters when their sentries are okay
tf2: fixed engineers going to other team resupply after building teleporter entrance after team switch
tf2: engineers go to ther sentries if it is attacking
tf2: improved defence and attack on attack/defend maps(must be set in script)
tf2: fixed a small memory leak
tf2: fixed payload bomb crash
tf2: fixed navigation crash
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds when attacking payload bomb
tf2: fixed crashes in PLR and navigation
tf2: spies try to avoid line of sight of enemies
tf2: improved demoman piping and spamming sentries
tf2: medics don't heal if a player's already being healed by a medic
tf2: sniper improvements, taking cover after shooting
tf2: fixed bug when bots would forget getting the flag if enemy dropped the flag
tf2: if enemy drops flag bots stop returning to intel
tf2: fixed snipers walking while zoomed
tf2: fixed new sentry attacking task behaviour
tf2: medics don't hide from enemy if they are ubered
tf2: bots see spies if they are cloaked with no cloak meter left
all: fixed sv_tags multiple rcbot2 tags
all: fixed possible crash while editing waypoints
all: fixed random function
all: reduced cpu usage with lots of openslater waypoints in a map and lots of bots
all: changed waitopen to waitground waypoint
all: waypoint menu shows number of paths to waypoint
all: added new debug commands
all: you can debug a bot by looking at it with the debug bot command
all: fixed crash bug when bot died on trigger_hurt
all: waypoint distances automatically update during path find
all: fixed debug bot crash when bot leaves server
all: added waypoint commands
all: new commands rcbot waypoint check, rcbot waypoint setareatonearest
all: new commands rcbot waypoint teleport, rcbot waypoint autofix
all: more reliability checks for ehandle (more stable)
all: new command rcbot waypoint shiftareas X Y - shifts all visible waypoints with area X to Y
all: bot remembers last failed path and avoids it next time
all: fixed random function to be less biased
all: fixed unable to select waypoint while editing if on the wrong team
dod:s bots periodically check waypoints where other team may hide


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HotFix DLL : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-04-28,04:21:01


Home Folder DLL Only.


tf2: fixed crashes in payload and navigation
tf2: fixed several possible crashes
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds when they are attacking the point or payload bomb
tf2: engineer stops what they are doing to repair sentry if they have enough metal
tf2: fixed engineer building teleport entrance at enemy spawn
tf2: fixed red engineers moving their buildings in attack defend maps after capture
tf2: spies try to avoid line of sight of enemies (1)

Download DLL

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RCBot 2 0.85 Release : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-04-24,15:00:14


TF2 update!

Main thing is the player speed is fixed! Also engineers now turn their sentry in a better angle.

Changelog 0.85

all: fixed player speed
all: improved aiming
all: fixed aiming for head when enemy was crouched
all: new debug commands "rcbot_debug_notasks" and "rcbot_debug_dont_shoot"
all: fixed random waypoint selection if on new map
all: you can now force a bot to go to a waypoint id with bot_goto command
all: added more cost for visible waypoints to an enemy in some situations
all: fixed printing on console jumbled up
tf2: fixed engineers sentry orientation
tf2: engineers place entrance when they spawn
tf2: medics don't run for cover from flag carriers now , they chase them
tf2: engineers try not to place sentries next to each other
tf2: fixed spy checking for too long
tf2: fixed bots shouting "spy" at spawn
tf2: fixed demomen not piping sentries
tf2: improved demomen mortar
tf2: fixed spy crash
tf2: fixed another crash when bots want to change classes
tf2: engineers dont attack an enemy if their sentry is attacking the same enemy
tf2: bots dont hear spy knives as often
tf2: added sentry attacking and hiding from a distance
tf2: engineers dont spy check if their building is sapped
tf2: bots change class after round
tf2: automatic capture point detection if no script (e.g. tc_hydro)
tf2: engineers refrain from reusing same sentry point they tried to build last time
tf2: engineers have better chance building nearby others and in other locations
tf2: spies now sap dispensers
tf2: engineers dont investigate sounds unless they have a sentry up and they aren't carrying anything
tf2: engineers upgrade buildings if they have enough metal instead of trying to get full metal
tf2: demoman pipe/spam task added - untested
tf2: bots don't try to use teleporters or disps if they are sapped
tf2: fixed bots forgetting the last sentry that killed them
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds unless they haven't seen an enemy for a while
tf2: ubered bots don't go back to resupply for ammo
tf2: snipers and sentries have higher enemy factor
dod:s - bots run from friendly fire grenades
dod:s - improved escaping from grenades
dod:s - bots say "cease fire" if under friendly fire


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RCBot 0.8 Release : Posted By Cheeseh at 2014-04-02,16:35:14


Two Files :

HPB_Bot2.dll for files in home folder
HPB_Bot2o.dll for files in parent folder of mod folder (for dedicated servers mainly)


all: bots don't need sv_cheats!
all: deleted rcbot_sv_cheats_warning command and other cheat related commands as they are not needed now
all: waypoint version now 4 : Waypoints made in this version won't work in older versions!
all: added rcbot welcome message (tool tip)
all: waypoint author and modifier info saved in new waypoint
all: added welcome message showing author and modifier of waypoints, author is only saved once
all: fixed far away squad members stopping when leader stops moving
all: new cvar to allow tooltips
all: tooltips for waypoints
all: new squad cvar to increase/reduce frequency of bot squads
all: player joining crash fix (teds suggestion)
all: added 'rcbot util teleport' command
all: added 'rcbot util set_teleport' command
all: added 'rcbot util god' command
all: added 'rcbot util noclip' command
all: added waypoint type 'teleport' (cheat) makes bots teleport from the teleport waypoint to the next waypoint
all: rcbot waypoint drawtype 4 will show automatically generated danger (red = dangerous) waypoints of a bots team, rcbot debug nav 1 and rcbot debug bot must be used first.
dod:s added timeout for snipers and machine gunners if they cant deploy or zoom
dod:s allow bots to crouch when reloading at crouch or machinegun waypoints
dod:s All bot classes can snipe or deploy mg if they pickup an mg or sniper rifles
dod:s bots respond to need mg voice command
dod:s bots try to use secondary melee weapon in dod:s
dod:s MGs move up after 'move up mg' voice command
dod:s MGs move up when they see friendly killed
dod:s bots shoot breakables only if not seen enemy for a short time
tf2: hwguys don't rev minigun if they have the flag
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds in tf2 if they have the flag
tf2: bots can't hear spies attacking with knife behind them unless they know there are spies nearby
tf2: bots listen to footsteps and investigate teammates attacking
tf2: fixed bots spychecking observers
tf2: engineers less probability of changing class when they die if they have many buildings
tf2: spies try more alternative routes
tf2: engineers are more successful at building nearby teammates buildings
tf2: fixed some soldiers not rocket jumping


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0.76 videos on DOD:S by alencore/genmac : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-09-23,15:32:08





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RCBot2 0.76 (DOD:S/TF2/HL2DM) : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-09-11,05:42:36


convar rcbot_sv_cheats_warning: If disabled, bots will try to spawn even if sv_cheats is 1 - use only with admin cvar plugin
convar rcbot_enable_wpt_sounds: Enable/disable sound effects when editing waypoints
changed weapon structure slightly to accommodate projectile speed
altered gravity aiming for projectiles (use convar rcbot_projtweak to tweak)
HPB_Bot2o.dll can be used if rcbot2 folder is not in the users home folder
fixed waypoint path display bug
sprint changes
added waypoint editing sounds
added autowaypointing from RCBOT1 with extras
fixed bug #10 mistake with passed arguments in r285 @ sourceforge bugs
updated default hook offsets

This release includes two DLL files.
One which is the normal dll (HPB_Bot2.dll) expects the rcbot2 folder in the users/ directory
Another (HPB_Bot2o.dll) uses the old filesystem position in HL mods folder which either:
1. expects the rcbot2 folder in the steam / account name directory for non steampipe mods, or...
2. expects the rcbot2 folder in the steam / common directory for steampipe mods


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RCBot 1 for SvenCoop 4.8 : Posted By cheeseh at 2013-08-14,08:24:49


Thanks sniper for the help


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RCBot2 0.75 Release 2 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-06-06,13:10:49


installer: changed installation messages / added correct terms
launcher: fixed exception at start up
dod:s added breakable waypoint for DOD:S (a rocket or grenade is required to break a wall nearby)
dod:s breakable waypoint can be team only
dod:s removed health/ammo waypoint types for DOD:S
dod:s changes to reloading in dod:s to prevent bots clicking their gun too often
all: fixed some waypoint menu glitches
all: changed some captions on waypoint menu
all: added some pathwaypoint commands into waypoint menu
tf2: fixed medics not healing
tf2: medics follow their healing player better
tf2: sentry guns have an even higher priority to become enemies
tf2: hwguys don't waste time revving their minigun if on fire or ubered
tf2: engineer crash fix
tf2: choice of defend waypoint changed in pl maps

Download Win32

Download Linux

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RCBot2 0.74 R2 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-05-21,16:17:55


this fixes the silly bug which made bots not move!!!

It has the same updates as below


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RCBot2 0.74 (TF2/DOD:S/HL2DM) : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-05-20,16:09:03


Hi guys since the birth of my baby girl I thought I should just release this now as I might not have a lot of time these days to update so frequently. This update has the new waypoint menu. It basically uses the debug engine which can only be used on listen server, also it uses the buttons 1-9 and 0 on the keyboard, so it changes some binds, as long as you use those for selecting weapons already you shouldn't have a problem.

there is also a ladder waypoint improvement which requires the waypointer to make each ladder waypoint yaw face the ladder


installer/launcher : fixed issues with dods install and launcher writing wrong values
all mods : new sophisticated waypoint menu
all mods : default waypoint drawtype is now 3
all mods : waypoint visibility percentage shown
all mods : new waypoint type "fall" (fall damage)
all mods : fixed crash in debug hud with looktask string error
all mods : fixed bad memory allocation errors
all mods : reliability fix for cfindpath task
all mods : more debug hud info
all mods : debug crash fixes
all mods : changes for linux
all mods : fixed bug when bots wouldn't change weapon when they were out of ammo
all mods : aiming system changes, better aiming, especially for stationary targets
all mods : bots turn quicker on ladders to improve climbing success
all mods : fixed bots looking at waypoints wrong
all mods : improved ladder climbing (make sure waypoint YAW is facing the ladder)
all mods : bot debug hud more information
dod:s : fixes bots not seeing properly through windows
dod:s : fix bots not proning on sniper spots (again!)
dod:s : bots don't run away from smoke grenades
dod:s : bots aim for the head if visible (more deadly)
dod:s : fixed crash with bots capturing
tf2 : fixed bots wrongly defending or attaking points when switching teams after round reset
tf2 : spy detection changes, bots shouldn't be able to redetect the same spy if it has changed disguise and gone out of sight
tf2 : spy detection improvement: bots seeing teammates shooting spies will shoot them too
tf2 : spy detection improvement: spies who are cloaked and on fire can be seen
tf2 : bots detect a spy if they are cloaked, on fire and no spies on team
tf2 : fixed on fire detection (medics heal at a higher priority)
tf2 : bots shout spy if they see an undisguised enemy spy
tf2 : bots remember spies that killed them
tf2 : changes to enemy following
tf2 : simple spy checking - bots melee the air, pyros fire flamethrower
tf2 : update bot shooting fov
tf2 : bots don't listen to cloaked spies
tf2 : fixed sniper bug with snipers running on the spot
tf2 : changes to spy detection and engi building
tf2 : fixed engis not placing moved objects (esp. dispensers)
tf2 : scouts jump around sometimes from waypoint to waypoint
tf2 : extra spy checking, bots might melee friendlies searching for spies
tf2 : bots try to go back to their last seen medic for health (it may also be a spy)
tf2 : ammo/health pickup changes, bots should change task if they suddenly picked up health or ammo
tf2 : possible crash fix for demoman
tf2 : engineer bots place a sentry when they hear 'put sentry here' voice command while moving a sentry
tf2 : bots check for spies again if they hear a 'spy' voice command
tf2 : medic crash bug fixed
tf2 : fixed blue team bots now don't defend the point on attack and defend maps
tf2 : engineer bots place moved object better if being attacked
tf2 : bots see teleporters quicker so they use them more often
tf2 : scouts automatically double jump off new waypoint type "fall" to save fall damage
tf2 : fixed gameevent debug crashing
tf2 : changes to sniping/when area changes bots change position
tf2 : changes to engineer building to increase build success
tf2 : bots should be able to seee sentries better from below
tf2 : engineer bots should think about moving their objects after a point is captured
tf2 : bot belief updated properly for sentry guns
tf2 : bots choose more dangerous places to defend over the safest
tf2 : fixed snipers not moving when sniper waypoint changes area and when they run out of ammo


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RCBot 0.72 (SteamPipe) video by Insane_Dod : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-04-18,14:37:45



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RCBot 0.72 (HL2DM/DOD:S/TF2) SteamPipe : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-04-12,06:19:06


all mods: please move rcbot2 folder to users home folder i.e. /users/ or ~/
all mods: Vfilesystem update
all mods: rcbot2 sv_tag
all mods: rcbot_ffa cvar , if 1 bots shoot each other disregarding teamplay
all mods: fixed bug with bots jumping etc at the wrong position
all mods: new debugging command 'rcbot debug hud' if 1, shows your debug bot info on screen
tf2 : fixed engineer facing the correct way when building
tf2 : fixed crash bug with engineer
tf2: bots pick up ammo from dropped weapons after killing enemies
hl2dm: bots use ammo crates if they need ammo
hl2dm: bots using buttons for lifts in hl2dm (need lift waypoints)
hl2dm: bots dont shoot explosive oildrum breakables
hl2dm: bots shoot breakables in the way
hl2dm: bots go to snipe points if they have crossbow
dod:s : bots prone when sniping on prone waypoints
dod:s : added prone waypoint
dod:s : machine gun changes -- bots shouldn't shoot from afar without deploying
other small changes


With the steampipe changes I've had to make many file system changes, so

  1. The rcbot folder should now be in Documents and Settings/[Your Username] OR Users/[Your Username] (for me it looks like C:/Users/Paul/rcbot2)

  2. (For linux this is simply ~/ )

  3. There are two hook offsets now, one for DOD:S and one for TF2, (they are different now)

  4. The installer should work but installs to both possible folders either steampipe or non steampipe (i.e. your account name or common)

  5. The DLL goes into the same directory (in the mod/bin folder)

Hope this is okay with you guys to get the bot to work and install easily

PS a make shift linux SO is here


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dod_U471_b2_rcbot2 + video (genmac) : Posted By cheeseh at 2013-02-10,13:42:34


Comment on the forum

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RCBot Steam Community : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-02-10,05:57:16


If you have time on Steam, check out the RCBot steam commmunity at:


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RCBot2 0.71 (DOD:S/TF2/HL2DM) : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-02-08,16:49:02


0.71 Updates


all: using optimized sin/cos
all: fixed random crash to do with weapons (all mods)
all: fixed, all mods: weapon updating
all: fixed bug - bots not listening to other players (improves combat)
all: fixed "you do not have access to command" after map change (all mods)
all: fixed divide by zero error
all: fixed waypoint radiuses not being updated when bots touched waypoints
all: changed bot touch waypoint behaviour

waypointing: automatically add crouch waypoint if player is holding crouch button
waypointing: added waypoint add e.g. rcbot waypoint add sniper 3 (adds sniper waypoint at area 3)
waypointing: added pathwaypoint removefromto , and pathwaypoint createfromto commands
waypointing: smaller crouch waypoints

tf2: spies attack enemies on the point when disguised
tf2: spy detection changes (if enemy is disguised as team spy and decloaks they don't detect the spy as long as everything else checks out)
tf2: spies uncloaking when capturing point / spies defending point by attacking any enemy on point within a distance (cvar)

dods: extra waypoints for stock maps thanks to genmac (alencore)
dods: bots step back from bombs before they explode better
dods: fixed a class bug where bots just stood still and did nothing
dods: added command rcbot_nocapturing for custom maps/modes
dods: bots can plant bombs that block paths (new waypoint 'bombtoopen')
dods: bot choose to plant bombs in less dangerous capture points
dods: defending/sniping - bots will crouch at crouch waypoints
dods: improved flag/bomb detection/fixed number of capture points bots thought were available
dods: bots support flag and bomb capture points on the same map
dods: support for shooting breakable objects (new commands rcbot_shoot_breakable_dist, rcbot_shoot_breakables)
dods: fixed bots interrupting other bots defusing or planting

download here

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RCBot2 0.7 (DOD:S/TF2/HL2:DM) : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-01-24,13:02:57



- fixed waypoint visibility table
- bot belief (danger) changes
- learned bot belief is saved across maps
- opens later waypoint now works
- bug with finding enemies fixed
- getprop system updated
- CPU optimizations (requires increasing vis revs - see individual bot profiles)

- support for DOD:S
- support for capture flag maps / bomb maps
- comes with dod_anzio, dod_colmar, dod_avalanche and dod_jagd waypoints
- requires qaypoints for other maps to work for them
- bots support attacking and defending
- sniping
- machine gunning
- radio commands
- automatic class changing
- smart capturing decisions
- grenade throwing
- understand smoke grenades
- bots can go prone
- bots run for cover when reloading and when they see a grenade
- bots can climb up and down ladders if waypointed properly


- normal weapon switching depending on ammo/distance
- bots picking up objects with grav gun and shooting enemies
- ladder climbing
- sprinting
- bots jumping over obstacles
- bots using chargers (armor/health)

- hooks player move function so all the pyro/gravity/rocket jump/double jump/hw guy bugs are fixed
- waypoints for some event maps and others (thanks community)
- medic improvements
- bots fight halloween bosses (added cvar rcbot_bossattackfactor)
- bots shout activate uber when being healed and can be ubered if they want to be ubered
- spies choose diguise classes better
- engineers place dispensers more reliably
- general optimizations
- rewritten getprop code
- spies cloaking/decloaking better when they see an enemy
- a nested move+look priority system
- bots push on overtime and when nearby players say go go go or move up
- spy changes
- bots only shoot when nearly looking at enemy (added cvar rcbot_enemyshootfov)
- bots dont listen to medics using medi guns or engineers using wrench
- bots aim jitter in tf2
- engineer on blue team (attack map) bug fixed when wanting to place teleports
- bots no longer pick up health if they are being healed by a medic

and much more!
more TF2 fixes include...
- defending team taking more care defending the point when under attack
- bots say sentry ahead or incoming at appropriate moments
- bots looking around better (You can use unreachable waypoints to help) - see ctf_2fort and dod:s waypoints as examples
- demomen pipe jumping
- demomen pipe attack while in cover


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next release news : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-01-11,16:33:31


I've made a launcher for novice users which also allows you to edit rcbot2 profiles in a windows environment.
I will make it available on the next release.


RCBot2 Waypointing Guide

Forum click here

Also here they are in dod_anzio for the next release

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RCBot2 DOD:S 0.7 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2013-01-02,16:02:02


Work In Progress. Nearing Completion!

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Working on... : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-12-04,02:35:51


gravity guns (hl2dm) and moving buildings (TF2)

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RCBot 0.63 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-09-06,10:25:23


- fix for TF2 update
- implemented lift waypoint (bots dont think theyre stuck on them)
- interface changes so RCBot2 may be more compatible with other non supported mods for testing

Download here

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TF2 Update / RCBot 0.62b : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-07-26,11:28:51


well Rcbot was out for less than 24 hours then TF2 update broke the rcbot as usual. An update is on sourceforge now. For developers the serverGameDLL interface has yet again been updated, this time to 008.

- works with latest TF2 update
- new variable "rcbot_heavyaimoffset"

download now

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RCBot 2 0.61 b : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-07-24,11:22:32


- added support for simple Special Delivery mode
- added waypoints for sd_doomsday (Edited from Fillmore's)
- added waypoint type "flagonly" (only bots with the flag can go this way)
+ useful for special delivery type maps
- added waypoint type "noflag" (if bots have a flag it will be dropped here)
+ useful to stop bots taking shortcuts that might go through a respawn area

download now

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Problems sorted : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-06-19,16:30:23


Some server problems have been sorted. Please let me know if there are still problems elsewhere!

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RCbot updates : Posted By Cheeseh at 2012-03-25,22:58:42


SvenCoop 4.6 update fix


TF2 Update 0.6pbeta

- spies only remove disguise on the flag point
- engineers stop trying to upgrade buildings when they are out of metal
- flag carriers don't melee
- spies only voluntarily lose their disguise at the flag point if it isn't carried by a team member
- more chance of medic ubering
- more chance of bots facing their last enemy when looking for them
- engineers crouch when building for the first time to upgrade the building
- bots follow flag carriers always
- spy bots attack engineers if their buildings are sapped
- bots detect spies on contact (if they get stuck and see them)
- bots go back to defend the push cart if it is being pushed
- fixed engineers not looking at their sentries while looking after them
- fixed bots not going to cart sometimes
- fixed bot teleporter issue
- fixed rcbot control command crash
- avoid code improved
- added rcbot_avoid_radius / rcbot_avoid_strength commands
- bots say 'thanks' if you upgrade their bulidings
- new bot utility system, max/min utilities can be changed by an external CSV (excel compatible) file
- i.e. flexible bot behaviour that the user can control for certain types of maps (e.g. attack defend)
this will give the engineer bots (for example) hints on what to build first in an attack map as opposed to a defend map
and scouts whether to go for the flag/cart or just plain roam around
this will be added by included two CSV files (attack/normal - i.e. defend) that can be edited in excel, or notepad, or any other csv editor
- attack_util.csv in config folder
- normal_util.csv in config folder
- higher priority for bots to shoot enemies attacking the point
- source change: easier for bots to say and hear all voice commands


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Fixed RCBot2 by Fillmore : Posted By Cheeseh at 2011-12-21,04:33:53


Works with Latest TF2

Thanks Fill more



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Steam April 22 2011 update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2011-05-02,15:19:58


Latest DLL patch here:


forum thread:


1) use 'sv_cheats 1'
2) run TF2 with '-insecure' command

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0.58 beta : Posted By cheeseh at 2010-11-02,14:13:55


Download Now

Version 0.58 beta

- TF2: bots already capturing the point don't return to defend points if they're being captured
- Orange Box: compatible with orange box HL2DM and other orange box mods
- returned bot spawn system back to normal for mods other than TF2

please note this is BETA untested/public test release version

Download Now

run TF2 with -insecure command line (insecure mode)

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RCBot 2 0.57 beta : Posted By Cheeseh at 2010-06-11,22:47:11


Download Now
- hwguys rev mini gun at dangerous locations
- spies no longer trie to shoot sentries/instead focus on sapping/attacking the engi
- added: rcbot_rocket_pred command , a multiplier for
adding prediction to soldier rockets/demoman grenades. default: 0.45
- fixed: spies try not to uncloak when enemy is facing them
- bots use dispensers more (increase rcbot_disp_dist to have more effect)
- bots change classes automatically (use rcbot_change_classes 1 command)
- enemy bots no longer cry SPY when a player is disguised as their own team
- new waitopen waypoint type for arena/koth maps where waypoints can only be used once the point is open
must use :arena_point_time: in script
- updated waypoints for koth_nucleus , koth_viaduct, cp_steel and more
- updated waypoint scripts
- + various spy tweaks
- fixed: a loop in medic behaviour
- changed: weapon selection method in TF2
- waypoint belief change / route waypoints chosen based on bot's belief
- waypoint belief change / waypoints bots took change belief when they get killed
- add: new ":attack_defend_map:1" in bot map script to let bots know reds are defending on this map
- spies sap teleporters
Download Now

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RCBot2 0.56 Beta : Posted By Cheeseh at 2010-05-21,01:04:14


I released the latest changes for public testing:


- engineers favour building sentries up to level 2 before
building a teleporter exit (attacking engineers don't worry)
- bots detect uncloaking spies
- spies use sappers
- snipers fixed
- spies backstabbing improved
- engineers remove sappers from sentries & dispensers
- default rcbot_anglespeed value reduced to 8
- spy notice time reduced significantly
- spies plan to backstab from afar
- fixed memory leak
- medics try to heal more often
- demomen place & detonate stickies
- new command "rcbot waypoint show " (shows a line to a waypoint ID)
- fixed cp_steel and pl_goldrush waypoints
- new config.ini for setting up bot cvars


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It's about time!!! : Posted By Cheeseh at 2010-05-18,18:34:50


Spies are learning how to Sap, backstab properly, and cloak better. Snipers are also learning how to sniper a bit better, well at least they're now pointing in the right direction

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Update 0.546 beta!!! : Posted By Cheeseh at 2010-05-04,00:23:16


Update 05 May 2010

version 0.546 beta
-fixed pathfinding bug

- fixed with latest Tf2 update
- engi's build teleporters again
- bots use teleporters again
- improved engineer building detection


RSS Feed


subscribe to files rss feed : Subscribe

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0.54 beta : Posted By Cheeseh at 2010-04-29,13:12:45


Working on the latest TF2 update: However bots WILL NOT build or use teleports for now because of an SDK change.

other changes:
- engineer doesn't listen to sounds when building
- bots listen for sounds behind them for less time
- increased pathfinding performance
update: 30th april


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RCBot 0.53 BETA : Posted By Cheeseh at 2009-11-13,23:50:35


0.53 BETA
- added: allowed bots to take different routes (needs updated waypoints with "route waypoints")
(Works with supplied cp_dustbowl waypoints)
- fixed: spies remove disguise when trying to capture point
- added: arena_point_time:

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RCBot 0.52 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2009-10-18,22:08:04


Sorry for taking so long i underwent heart surgery that I wanted done and needed a good rest. :)

- sniper changes (they shoot more with sniper rifle) -- bug still exists where they face the wrong direction sometimes
- snipers no longer look around to listen to sounds when sniping
- fixed possible engineer crashes
- fixed possible medic crash
- fixed possible divide by zero crash
- added support for defend waypoints on PL/PLR map scripts
- rcbot waypoint load "map name" command, (use "rcbot waypoint save" after loading)
- added 'class' in bot profiles
- medics keep healing if looking away from healing player

[] spies still cannot sap (*engine issue?)
[] demo's cannot set pipe traps (yet)
[] bots don't always use teleports (some situations only)

KNOWN limitations:
All of these limitations are effects of the Orange Box SDK lack
of 3rd party bot support, which are caused by the double speed/double
timing issue:

[] bots still cannot crouch
[] pyro's flame still does not show
[] sometimes engineers can't select wrench
[] other bots sometimes can't select the weapon they want
[] sometimes bots use melee weapon from long range
[] soldier rocket jumps are not perfect
[] scout double jumps are not perfect
[] bots can still move when bonked

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RCBot 2 0.51 Beta untested : Posted By cheeseh at 2009-08-22,13:15:42


- supports latest classless update
- supports capturing on KOTH maps
- supports capturing on ARENA maps

Download Now!


(486.6 KiB)

Comment on the Forum

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RCBot2 TF2 0.5 Beta : Posted By Cheeseh at 2009-07-26,01:14:10


Need waypointers, scripters etc before it can be really useful, and a lot of feedback.

- readded an 'altered' bot belief waypoint system
- fixed a general crash
- fixed an engineer building crash
- rcbot waypoint cut
- rcbot waypoint copy
- rcbot waypoint paste
- performance command rcbot_visrevs (default 8, 8 maybe good enough) *REDUCED VALUE*
- performance command rcbot_pathrevs (default 40, 20 maybe good enough) *REDUCED VALUE*
- new "areaonly" waypoint type
- new rcbot waypoint drawtype 2
- added scripting for CP/PL maps (currently supported: cp_dustbowl/granary/badlands)
- PLR support
- added profiling for developers (rcbot debug profile)
- Reduced Bot FOV to more realistic value
- changed attacking code. attack code is now non-task based and runs simultaneously with bot tasks
- changed spy attack code
- added better bot choice of enemy, e.g. flag carriers have higher priority/ and spies/medics

engineers can't select wrench sometimes
spy attack still not perfect

please download from sourceforge.net

Download Now! RCBot2 0.5 Beta (381.9 KiB)
comment on the FORUM

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Beta DLL for cp_granary support : Posted By Cheeseh at 2009-06-22,22:35:38


- Provisional Support for CP Granary
- Fixed a crash bug
- Engineers upgrade team mates dispensers and sentries
View Topic

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Working with Scout update, please try test DLL : Posted By Cheeseh at 2009-05-18,22:54:58



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RCBot2 for TF2 beta 0.4 : Posted By cheeseh at 2009-02-03,15:36:28


due to demand,

TF2 updates

- fixed bots not looking at enemies shooting them from behind
- fixed heavys from jumping whilst shooting
- fixed taunting bots from moving and shooting
- helped bots not shooting correctly & not seeing enemies on ledges above them
- medics healing
- medics ubercharging (only when healing player is low on health or medic is low on health at the moment)
- new waypoint version (For use with CP/PL maps / not supported yet)
- added waypoint radius' (use 'rcbot waypoint drawtype 1')
- added waypoint areas (for different map types soon)
- possible crash bug fixes
- improved snipers
- bots now look ahead of where they want to go (gives some more realism)
- stopped bots from using rocketjump/double jump waypoints if they cant use it
- added 'defend' waypoint type
- added 'rcbot_defrate' rate at which defensive bot classes defend at (default 0.35)
- changed rocket jump code again!
- reduce bot speeds again!
- improved engineer building
- added teleporter entrance / teleporter exit waypoints
- engineers build teleporters
- engineers upgrade teleporters and dispensers
- engineers stay by sentry and hit it with wrench occasionally if nothing else to do
- added 'rcbot_wpt_pathdist' command, use to reduce/increase distance for automatic waypoint paths to be made at

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RCBot 2 for TF2 Alpha 0.3 : Posted By cheeseh at 2009-01-13,00:19:58


TF2 updates

- Bots use waypoints for sniper/sentry facing positions (use 'rcbot waypoint drawtype 1' command to see them)
- bug fixes with enemy conditions
- bug fixes with moving to a waypoint
- rocket jump improvements
- bot task improvements
- sniper improvements
- Spies cloak and disguise
- Spies try to backstab
- engineer building improvements
- melee weapon fixes
- scouts and bots with flag don't follow enemies
- fixed custom MOD directories for ini file
- using mersenne twiser randomiser / seeds when loaded
- fixes only soldiers joining tf2 bug
- engineers build up to level 3 sentry and also level 1 dispenser near sentry
- bots use teleporters (they don't build them yet)
- new pathwaypoint commands 'rcbot pathwaypoint deletefrom' and 'rcbot pathwaypoint deleteto'
-bots swim better

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Rcbot2 for TF2 alpha test : Posted By cheeseh at 2008-12-28,22:28:00


Test RCBot 2 Alpha with TF2

latest mirror:

Engis build up to level 3 sentry, and build dispensers
Spies disguise/cloak and bots do not instantly shoot spies, when they see a spy they shout "Spy!"

I've uploaded a new version (0.2) to the filebase (same place)

new command:
rcbot addbot

Engineer bots build a level 1 sentry
Medics try to heal (Bug exists)
bots know weapons now
bot speeds reduced
HWGuys use minigun ok now
bots shoot buildings better now

bug with Pyro flamethrower and medic medigun
some bugs with bots going to waypoints and hanging about

Use to:

- Create Waypoints
- Think of new additions to the bot
- Find bugs

there is no support given for it right now, all the details (very little) to use are on the download page.

i.e. If you don't know how to use it, don't try just now!!

Also note: This version should work with Orange Box HL2DM and also fixes some bugs

the SVN is always up to date

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Sourceforge Project - SVN is up! : Posted By cheeseh at 2008-12-21,16:38:48


The latest Rcbot source code is up on SVN!


If interested in developing make a sourceforge account and contact me.

If you have Visual Studio, use:


and the repository:


Don't forget to put it into a new folder (such as RCBot2) in the Source SDK utils directory

I'm starting a new sourceforge project for Rcbot2 (for Orange box)


I hope once it is approved, developers can work together with an SVN of the code.

I've got the bots running around in TF2 but a LOT of work to do... particularly a lot of prelim bugs to sort out, which hopefully others can help with.

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Latest RCBOT : Posted By Cheeseh at 2007-12-13,19:46:01


"RCbot" for Half-life 1


"RCbot2" for Half-Life 2


source code: http://filebase.bots-united.com/index.php?action=file&id=259

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Old rcbot dll for rocket crowbar 1.9 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2007-05-31,19:57:53


some nostalgia

rocket crowbar (old HL1 mod):

rcbot old bot:

updated old bot dll:

comment on forum

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RCBot2 : More updates and fixes : Posted By Cheeseh at 2007-02-15,03:23:42


added: bot profiles (key value pairs) in ini files in rcbot2/profiles folder
added: force bots to select a specific weapon/team/model/name/pathticks/visionticks in bot profiles
fixed: waypoint types message
fixed: replaced bug prone RANDOM_INT with engine's RandomInt (caused bots to run round the same waypoints and other unwanted stuff)
fixed: min_bots cannot be equal to or more than max_bots
fixed: bad copy & paste job causing bots mod not to be picked up therefore bots stand still and do nothing on client listen server
added: support for HL2DM Teamplay

feb16 update:
fixed: crash when players leave server

Preview Release 15th feb 32-bit windows only:


Source Release 15th feb:


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RCBot 2 update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2007-02-10,22:06:46


v.07 rcbot_ver v2.05

support for HL2 dedicated server
added: new command 'config max_bots' and 'config min_bots'
added: new command 'users show'
added: new command 'kickbot'
added: new command 'rcbotd' for dedicated servers
fixed: GPL license message
improved bots aiming

included waypoints with preview (waypoints by MarD)


binaries with readme & waypoints (preview)

source (with release and debug builds)

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Forum New Users - Email Validation : Posted By Cheeseh at 2006-11-26,02:54:02


If you don't receive validation emails, read this forum post for details and how to register on the forums properly:


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Beta Update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2006-07-11,23:40:11


added: GA learning of combat upgrades for both teams
fixed: aliens not upgrading in ns combat
fixed: some GA data resetting after map change when it shouldn't
also fixed some metamod problems with bots joining the server (clientconnect and clientputinserver)

download link at the filebase - click here

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Rcbot Beta Updates : Posted By Cheeseh at 2006-06-04,20:56:36


I've (hopefully) improved some MvM and AvA (marine vs marine/alien vs alien) stuff in the bot for Natural Selection. Also added some variables to the config command for forcing bots onto a team in the specialists mod.

For more info go here:


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RCBot 2 Updates : Posted By Cheeseh at 2006-05-05,14:17:22


I have updated the source and binaries ("preview") which you can download from the usual location at http://filebase.bots-united.com for the following changes..

fixed bug with random integer generator
bots don't chose physcannon in HL2DM
bots chose a random male/female model
bots face their attacker when shot from behind
visibles now use PVS to increase speed

rememebr the bots still can't chose their weapon they use only the current weapon they are holding, when they pick up a weapon they might use that weapon for a while until the ammo runs out.

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Latest beta, database problems : Posted By Cheeseh at 2005-12-29,23:59:35


the latest beta of the bot support NS 3.1 which is downloadable from the usual place (filebase at bots-united) links are on the files page or the filesbase at http://filebase.bots-united.com

the database has also suffered some damage, the forums should be working again now, some other pages are not working though such as the waypoints page (if you want to submit any waypoints)

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Temp bot fix for Ns 3.1 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2005-11-13,22:34:29


I have a temporary bot fix DLL for metamod only that fixes bots not shooting in NS 3.1 here


I've since updated it to work with marines orders now.

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NS 3.0 final : Posted By Cheeseh at 2005-05-05,12:40:10


The latest beta version of rcbot will work with NS 3.0 final, the latest 3.03 of NS release does not require any changes to the bot code.

The latest version of the bot files are at


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Waypoint page fixed : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-12-10,18:35:49


ok I finally fixed the waypoint page that you can go to on the left side of the screen... You can finally add your own waypoints and remove them. I've still to do waypoint comments and ratings that would be cool, I think.

Oh yeah, here's a little IRC interview http://cartmaneq.w.interia.pl/interview.txt

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Back ! : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-10-18,20:11:30


Yay , bots-united seems to be back up for the most-part. Some downloads are still broken (example the source download). I have a mirror link, I'll update it soon.

Forums are now back up too.

I've uploaded the latest beta files to the file server (link to the files on the files page). I now have uploaded a "full beta" version including windows rcbot files plus doucmentation and configuration files, waypoints etc.


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Latest Beta Files : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-06-06,03:31:32


Hey hey.... I am building new beta Rcbot DLL files for windows. If you haven't been checking out the forum I have a thread here for the latest files: here

I've got the bots to work with NS combat and upgrade most of the stuff (not everything yet) but enough to win games.

Some new user-friendly stuff too, like tooltips and console messages when there are errors for those who don't know how to add a bot!

Also some stuff for Svencoop, there is basic support for pushing pushable objects using pushable waypoints and grenade throwing waypoints for those tough situations in Svencoop when you need to chuck a grenade somewhere on the map.

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Site Moved : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-03-30,13:54:00


The site has been moved to bots-united and the URL is now http://rcbot.bots-united.com

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New Files + Source : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-02-25,21:59:00


Hey hey.. I finally compiled the RCBot source into a zip with some documentation etc, basically adapted from Botman's readme! But it should help. I've also made the put the source with the vehicle plugin I had, and a new plugin which I never released called "ping kick" which kicks players with certain pings!

I've also made another release of my Winamp visualization if you are interested.
I've been real busy lately so won't be able to work on the bot for a while, and I guess I thought I should put everything together now and upload everything I've done just about hehe
I'll still be working on the bot though when I get the time!

Files Page

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Version 1.3 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-02-01,01:34:00


Alright, I have released a version 1.3 this does not fully support NS 3 combat maps but it will work with Ns 3 now! Also the bot supports battlegrounds and half life deathmatch mod.

I will release another version soon with additions to the bot to work with ns combat maps with a little help from flayra!

for the megaHAL stuff I've added a pre-training file with messages I took from svencoop's irc channel when I joined once following an interesting conversation so thanks for that stuff ! You can add what you want in the pretraining file (comman_hal.trn file) so you can make the bots say stuff without needing to learn stuff first.

changes :

V 1.3

added: support for Battlegrounds mod.
added: support for half-life deathmatch.
added: megaHAL bot chatting [thanks pierre at racc bot (racc.bots-united.com)].
added: new command "rcbot config chat_percent" and "rcbot config chat_reply_percent" (See commands text file)
added: new command "rcbot config marine_auto_build". If set to 1, an infantry portal
will automatically be built nearby the command console when a bot joins the server.
added: program does not allow clients to join if min bots has not been reached (if bots still need to join).
added: new config command reserve_bot_slots (to configure above addition).
added: ability to kick bots from certain team in natural selection in bot menu.
added: ability to make a squad through squad menu.
added: ability to return bots in squad back to formation in squad menu.
added: more lift/elevator functionality.
added: bots in svencoop search for weapons they need if they dont have weapon to kill gargantuas etc.
added: improved Aliens in NS (they check out buildings under attack etc)
added: new commands "config balance_teams" "config
fixed: fixed NS Gorges not building much.
fixed: bots using all weapons in DMC/all known bugs in DMC fixed.
fixed: crash bug in natural selection attack code.
fixed: bots now treat "func_train" entities like doors/lifts.
fixed: bots killing themselves when waiting for commander orders in NS.
fixed: bots join team in NS one at a time incase of crashing.
fixed: wait_for_orders command not working in NS.

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Update : Posted By Cheeseh at 2004-01-18,01:32:00


I have done a lot of work on the Natural - Selection part of the bot for once in a while. The aliens have been improved so far. I have also fixed issues which caused Marines not to respond to orders, bots not shooting anymore and Menu's not working.
The next version will have megaHAL chat which is a chat system that learns as you talked to it, it's homepage is http://megahal.sourceforge.net and I got a cleaner version of the source kindly from PM of RACC Bot http://racc.bots-united.com.

More features are that the bot should support the Battlegrounds mod. But it is totally blind coding as I don't have the MOD anymore, the current bot also supports battleground but there is a bug which affects bots which cause them not to move, I have added code that may fix it in the next release but I will need to have confirmation from people who actually have the mod!

Another thing is that I will probably release the source fot the bot too. As I am having less time to work on it, I work on it mostly during holidays (yeah that's my life) Not much time for it other times. Also since its partly a metamod plugin it really should be open source but during that time It's not been ready for source release and there is still some stuff to do on it. ( because of the arrival of steam and new hl engine changes etc )

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Version 1.2 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-12-26,14:13:00


As sevncoop 3 is released, the new bot is to support the 3.0 release of svencoop, new maps & features. Also there are fixes and additions for other mods. Here is the list.

V 1.2

All Mods
fixed: bots going out of water better.
fixed: bots 'hearing' dead players (spectators)
fixed: bots not moving sometimes when they cant find an objective waypoint.
fixed: bot menus interfering with other metamod plugin menus
fixed: bots know what buttons to press (hopefully) for doors that use 'masters'
fixed: bots know if doors can be opened if there is an opens later waypoint through it.
fixed: bots know buttons that can open doors that use masters.
fixed: bug when bots re-joining server after map change if kicked.
fixed: bug when bots not returning to server with max bots set after clients leave game.
fixed: Waypoint visibility files reduced in size

changed: some ladder stuff

added: more performance commands (max_update_vision_revs, update_vision_time) see commands text file
added: some stuck in water code
added: bots kill self if they can't move for a while (can configure with 'bot_stuck_speed' command)
added: update_ladder_time command for configuring bots ladder behaviour
added: bots look for/attack enemies that killed team mates that they see die.
added: Squad code, player can make bots join their squad, bots can create their own squads, ability to alter formation, leave squad (as leader), remove squad, remove all squads (in case of problems)
added: classic +force_grip command from old rcbot

Sven Coop
fixed: bots not using teleports very often

Natural Selection
added: aliens won't melee attack electrified structures
added: marines don't waste ammo when attacking defense chambers and resource towers (use knife or welder)

Bumper Cars
added: bots using bombs in bumpercars
added: bots choosing random model in bumpercars
added: some better movement in bumpercars
added: bots attack grunts in hunt the grunt maps

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version 1.1 and email issues : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-10-04,22:01:00


I've made this new release (fixes below). My e-mail here wont be working for a day or two so I won't get any or be able to send anything with it.

V 1.1
fixed : killbot command not working in metamod
fixed : bot menu kick bot option not working
fixed : crash bugs in task code
fixed : weapon selection problems (when having to reload)
fixed : problems when marines are out of ammo in NS (didnt attempt to change weapon?).
fixed : some DMC weapon problems.
fixed : aliens getting stuck trying to evolve in places where they cant.
fixed : problem with some config files not loading in linux
fixed : bots trying to use buttons too high up.
fixed : bots shooting all enemies in svencoop and not shooting all allies.
fixed : crashes in metamod when using other plugins. ("no meta return in args()" bug)
fixed : crash bugs with bot chat & bot events
fixed : bots go closer to hev/health chargers, they sometimes got stuck.
fixed : when bots visit all enemy positions they will continue to objective.
fixed : bots will only try to use armor chargers/pick up armor when they have less than 50 armor.
fixed : couldn't delete waypoints that wern't visible (e.g. through walls)
fixed : bots listening to sounds better.
fixed : gorge behaviour, should build hives & resource towers more often
fixed : bots staying in team their were added to after map change
fixed : marines properly avoiding infantry portals in NS to avoid telefrag kills.
fixed : bots shoot 'explosive only' breakables / gargantuas with RPGs or grenades,
and dont shoot them if they dont have any explosive weapons (in Svencoop)
fixed : bots should be able to shoot barnacles in svencoop
added : alien gorges & marines build objects as they see them.
added : bots take cover when reloading (in svencoop)
added : map specific configs
added : 'unreachable' waypoint types (helps bots find cover areas)

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Version 1.01 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-09-23,17:00:00


Sorry for all of these updates but I have noticed quite crucial problems in the bot, which cause heavy CPU and bots won't do anything. This is the main reason I've released this new version, there are more fixes and additions including human towering in Svencoop!


fixed: Altered weapons config (you can also edit it) to make bots not to use
the sniper rifle too close to the enemy in SvenCoop beta 3.0.
fixed: Small bug with bot menu (couldn't exit menu)
fixed: Small bug where NS alien bots might try to drop their leap
weapon before attacking (which they cant do) causing them
not to shoot.
fixed: Bug with alien bots not when they dont have any long range weapons
fixed: fixed bot profile layout (removed [bot] from each one, not needed in this version)
and fixed repetitions of names in some profiles.
fixed: Bug in pathfinding algorithm, causing long loops.
fixed: error in linux_install text file.

added: Significant reduce in CPU Usage
added: New command "rcbot config max_path_revs" the lower the value, better CPU
performance, but takes bots slightly longer in time to find a path.
added: Human tower waypoint, bots will crouch for a player to jump on them or jump
on a player thats already crouching nearby it. (I have added this waypoint into
the map "extension" to test it)
added: ability to add bots to certain teams in Natural-selection using the bot menu.

The new download is on the files page, and the linux DLL is also in the same download. There is no linux DLL for metamod though because it wasn't working for some reason, I will need to look into it soon ...

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Linux Files For Download : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-09-22,20:26:00


EDIT 21:54 : Alright another bug I had to fix in this linux release, after you add bots, when the map changes the bots will lose their profiles and strange things happen! You'll need to download the linux files again if you did earlier to fix it.

The files needed to run the bot on linux are now on the Files page.

You will need to download the windows files first as it has all the waypoints/profiles/documentation in it.

Then download the linux dlls and extract them to the rcbot dlls folder and follow the instructions on the linux_install.txt in the downloaded zip file.

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RCBot "1.0" Release : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-09-21,23:48:00


EDIT: I've updated the dll files because I noticed a dumb typo in my code which caused an annoying bug, where bots tried to avoid themselves! Download the latest to fix.

I thought I'd take tonight to finally release this version of my bot, I've been working on it for ages and its nearing the time I will be heading back for another academic year so I'd like to get the bot out before then So it was a bit of a rush to finish it, there may be some unfinished documentation, still a few bugs remaining of course, but all bugs from previous versions should be gone since it was a total re-write.

Here are the changes:

V. 1.0


-: Supports Mods: NS 2.0+, SvenCoop 2.1/3.0, DMC, HL Bumpercars 1.3.
-: Seperate profile for each bot, means each bot is unique
-: New task system.
-: New bot chat system.
-: New movement code, bots can target onto enemies while moving along their path.
-: Bot reputation system allows bots to like/dislike players.
-: Hopefully a reduce in CPU usage.
-: Metamod version and normal version for windows available.
-: Seperate weapon configuration file can be edited by the user.


-: Bots remember positions of enemies and return to them if they die.
-: Bots now always jump & crouch to jump higher.
-: Bots can use lifts/doors better
-: Bots can try to run for cover if they get damaged.


They CAN:

-: Do long jumps (using crouch-jump waypoint)
-: Shoot monsters
-: Use chaingun's and other new weapons in Svencoop 3
-: Don't shoot scientis/barneys
-: Use approriate door buttons
-: Use "use only" doors
-: Heal players
-: Attempts to heal players that shout "medic!" (If the bot sees the player)
-: Take cover when they get damaged
-: Take cover when they see a grenade
-: Take cover when someone yells "take cover!" (If the bot sees the player)
-: Use health / armor rechargers
-: Swim like champions :p have a bit of trouble getting out of water though :(

They CAN'T

-: Do human towers.
-: Carry out complicated objectives.


-: Gorges should be improved.
-: Gorges ask for help if under attack

New waypoint types:

-: Fly waypoint (For NS at the moment for Lerk, Jetpack etc).
-: End Level/Objective waypoint.
-: Crouch-Jump waypoint.
-: Lift button waypoint.
-: Wait for lift waypoint works now.
-: Teleport waypoint (Similar to teleport waypoint in RCBot 1.5 for RC)
-: Weapon,ammo,health,armor waypoints.
-: Stay close to waypoint (Bot slows down and stays close to the waypoint)
-: Opens Later Waypoint (Useful for svencoop, denotes the waypoint is in an
-- area that opens up later, example: a teleport).

PROBLEMS Still occuring in this version:

-: Ladder climbing isn't very good :(
-: Skulks can't wall-stick very well :(

LIMITATIONS of the version of the bot

-: Bots depend on more waypoints in more areas
-- i.e. if they can't find a waypoint nearby they won't move
-- and waypoints in more areas give bots better cover places


See rcbot_commands.txt for details

I still recommend having which bot too on the alien side, you can do this easier now by using metamod, If you think the RCBot alien side isn't up to much. Linux support is still to be added, I will get round to it soon.

Check out the forums for more updates.

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Forums up... : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-09-11,23:35:00


New forums are up, Just set-up a new account, I don't think it's wise to copy the members from the current set-up of users on this site in-case I mess something up, and some may not have registered here with valid e-mail addresses where the forum requires a valid one.

Anyway, the link is on the left frame on "Forums". I'll create a better theme for the forum sooner or later, more boards, whatever since I can do that now

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argh, another move. : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-09-03,22:51:00


The site that hosts this site is closing and that means a lot of things need to be moved, by saturday the new domain will be http://www.rcbot.net (whoo a domain) And new forums (jeez gotta sign up again? I dunno about that), new email address... the list goes on.

Anyway by then I hope to get bots to work at lifts finally too . And maybe a release for marines only If i get them to work better at attacking enemies and a bit more tactically this time.

so by friday, this site will move to http://www.rcbot.net so update bookmarks whatever then.

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RCBot 0.3 For NS 2.0 etc... : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-08-10,14:27:00


I've finally made a release of the old bot compatible for NS 2.0, There are no new features or anything, the bots are still as dumb as they used to be . This is so you can have an RCBot for NS 2.0 basically until I release the new one which should hopefully be a lot better

I've also came up with a metamod plugin for Counter-strike for vehicle maps, which allows weapon restricting, racing modes etc which might be fun !

I've also replaced the german translation of the bot with the text files that are changed, until anyone wants to translate any more stuff and put them all on an EXE installer file.

All downloads are on the files page.

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Waypoints : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-06-16,22:00:00


I have now added a dedicated "waypoints" page, since I got my uploads to work correctly.

The waypoints page has been added to the left frame (the menu of links on the left hand side of the screen) on the site.

You can now view and submit waypoints using the form on the page.

The page is still a little sketchy, some things still need to be done, but the basics are up for waypoint creators to upload their waypoints. Note: You have to be registered and logged in with this site to submit any waypoints.

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Re-writing progress : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-06-06,16:29:00


I have started re-wrting a lot of the RCBot for Natural-Selection from scratch, it should turn out to be pretty slick These are just some things I have got lined up for the new re-written bot once it is ready for your information!

  • Will support metamod as a plugin!

  • AI totally re-written, hopefully bots will be able to perform many tasks at once

  • More tactical AI

  • Each bot (identified by its own unique bot id) will have its own profile.

  • May support other MODs in the future!

  • Source code may be released when a good version is complete

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New Website : Posted By Cheeseh at 2003-05-11,19:42:44


Website News

I now have a new website thanks to houstondod community. The news page is now done in PHP and a database will hold the news. You can also register/login to enter comments on news if you want!

Bot News

The next release of the bot for Natural-Selection may be a long way off, as I am trying to re-write most parts of it from scratch. The next version of the bot on the old code will probably be a linux version, whenever I get my linux machine networked and ready to transfer files!

I am also still having a look at my old bot for Rocketcrowbar, I've been getting it to work with Svencoop, maybe I'll bring out a release when I know it doesn't crash!

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