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RCBot Angelscript for Svencoop 5 : Posted By Cheeseh at 2018-10-27,18:18:22


This is a WIP "conversion" of RCBot to Svencoop 5 (It's mostly a total rewrite with some copied code from RCBot 1 and 2) for Angelscript. AS it is WIP I'll be updating it regularly with bug fixes/new missing features etc, thought I'd put it up for some to test.

If you don't know what RCBot is, well its a bot, replacing player slots that act like players and shoots monsters etc..


just download all files (Download/Clone as zip) extract into the BotManager directory in scripts/plugins. (overwrite) The files will overwrite the current "Bot" scripts as it was based on the sample.

Bots can run around / shoot enemies, pick up ammo/health/weapons/armor, use health/HEV chargers, use teleports, take cover, press buttons (at objective points -- not tested), shoot breakables (not tested). (i.e. its a work in progress).
Bots CAN'T use ladders yet, or secondary fire, or use grapple etc yet or other fancy stuff.

BTW: for devs
Can't seem to hook TakeDamage() which would be quite useful!!!
Cant save waypoints due to angelscript limitation!

addbot Adds a new bot
waypoint_off Display waypoints off
waypoint_on Displays waypoints on
waypoint_add Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_delete Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_load Loads waypoints
waypoint_save Saves waypoints
pathwaypoint_create1 Adds a new path from
pathwaypoint_create2 Adds a new path to
waypoint_info print waypoint info
waypoint_givetype give waypoint type
waypoint_removetype remove waypoint type
debug debug messages toggle
godmode god mode
noclip noclip
all commands via as_command rcbot. e.g. "as_command rcbot.addbot"
Added a new forum


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Latest tf2 issues : Posted By Cheeseh at 2018-06-17,22:39:30


The latest tf2 lag bot prevention updates are causing rcbots to crash. To fix...

set this command


to something like 99999


sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond 99999

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HookInfo update EXE : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-11-05,18:38:52


I've made an EXE to automatically read the latest offsets online for RCBot2


Use the latest DLL here


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TF2 Nov 2016 Fix : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-11-04,20:24:40


The latest hookinfo.ini has been updated yet again for the November update


Also please put

rcbot_const_mstr_offset 856
rcbot_const_round_offset 856

in your config

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TF2 Oct 2016 Fix : Posted By Cheeseh at 2016-10-29,18:22:21


I managed to get the bot to work with the latest TF2 and with custom loadouts working. (Oct 2016)

You might need this with the latest hookinfo attached.

Download here

Put Hookinfo.ini into rcbot2/config
Overwrite rcbot2meta.dll in tf/addons/

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